Huurre is proud of the two partnership agreements made this year 2022, Ocean Cats and Sèlvans, in the framework of the Planet Passionate Communities Fund program.

The Planet Passionate Communities Fund program, integrated in the Kingspan group of companies, aims to support and finance projects to protect and conserve the environment, improve the health and education of our local communities and promote the improvement of the environments near our production centres.

Planet Passionate Communities Fund

Sèlvans is a non-profit organization that works in the identification and conservation of centenary forests, singular and of high ecological value and makes known the value of forest heritage, applying mechanisms of co-responsibility and involvement of society and institutions.

link Link to Sèlvans website

Planet Passionate Communities Fund

Ocean Cats is a sports team that competes in transoceanic rowing and participates in the research of micro-plastic waste in the Mediterranean, also working in environmental awareness and protection of our seas and oceans in schools in the province of Girona.

link Link to Ocean Cats website

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