New range of HI-QuadCore 2.0 FK cold store panels, with EI-90 fire resistance

Huurre has launched its new line of HI-QuadCore 2.0 FK cold store panels with EI-90 fire resistance, suitable as a fire compartmentation element in negative temperature chambers or chambers with high temperature gradients thanks to its high fire resistance, certified by tests.

Panel Hi-QuadCore 2.0 FKManufactured with four possible finishes and several highly durable coating options, the panel incorporates a new FK joint for improved performance and ease of installation.

High fire resistance, reaching a resistance EI-90 (for panel thickness 200 mm or more), EI-60 (panel thickness 150 mm or more) and EI-30 (panel thickness 80 mm or more), certified by tests according to EN 13501-2:2016 (see installation conditions)

Great thermal insulation: The QuadCore 2.0 microcell insulating core has a very high thermal performance, with a lambda thermal conductivity of only 0.019 W/m.K (considering aged core).

High mechanical resistance performance: Panel suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

High durability: By not absorbing moisture, the functional performance of the QuadCore core does not diminish over time, offering its high durability.

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