HI-CT panel / roof

  • Huurre panel aislante HI-CT
    Sandwich panel with metal faces and rigid, insulating core.
    With high-insulating power, its tongue-and-groove sealed joints guarantee full enclosure leak-tightness.
    PIR type insulating foam (polyisocyanurate) or the new PIRM CLASS1 can be used, with improved performance and excellent fire resistance.
    Available in various thicknesses, coatings and colours.

    Huurre HI-CT insulating panel jointApplications
    Insulating roofs for industrial, residential, commercial and sports facilities building.
    Depending on loads, it can support spans of up to 6 m.
    The 80mm thick panel has a thermal transmittance of only 0.26 W/m2K.

    Applicable quality and standards
    • CESteel plating: UNE-EN 10346 for galvanised coatings and UNE-EN 10169 for organic coatings. Panel: Manufactured according to UNE-EN 14509
    • NProduct certified with the N Quality assurance stamp of AENOR.
    • FMCertified "FM Approved" by FM GLOBAL (HI-PIRM CLASS1 panel), accrediting the panel's fire safety, without height limit and without the need for sprinklers (App. Standard 4880).
    • FMCertified "FM Approved" by FM GLOBAL (HI-PIRM CLASS1 panel), accrediting resistance to severe hail impact and extreme wind loads. (App. Standard 4471).

  • Technical specifications:
    • Insulating core: Rigid polyisocyanurate foam (PIR/PIRM)
    • Outer steel sheet: S220GD
    • Useful width / maximum length:   1,150 mm / 16 m (between 13.5 and 16 m with special transport).
    • Nominal density: PIR: 40 (±5) kg/m3 | PIRM: 40 (-2/+5) kg/m3
    • Declared thermal conductivity: 0.022 W/mK
    • Nominal panel thicknesses:   30 | 40 | 50 | 60 | 80 | 120  mm
    • Thermal transmittance (PIR and PIRM CLASS1) :  0.63 | 0.49 | 0.40 | 0.34 | 0.26 | 0.17 W/m2K
    • Standard coatings:  lacquered polyester, 25 microns
    • Special coatings:  PET,  Granite HDX, PVDF

    Fire resistance:
    • HI-PIRM CT CLASS 1: Euroclass B-s1,d0 + "FM Approved", no height limit and no need for sprinklers (App. Standard 4880) +B Roof
    • HI-PIR CT: Euroclass B-s1,d0 + B Roof (roof fire)
  • correasSupport structure
    Range of industrial purlins, with edges of up to 350 mm and 3 mm thick.

    RematesFinishings and accessories
    Finishings, nuts and bolts, sealing gaskets, etc.

    IluminaciónNatural lighting
    Various types of skylights and translucent plaques on the roof or façade.

    coloresColour chart
    A wide range of colours and coatings.