HI-QuadCore KS1000 AWP/ Facade panel

  • Huurre panel aislante HI-QuadCore KS1000 AWP
    Product and applications
    Facade panel with hidden fixing and QuadCore® rigid insulating core, which provides one of the highest thermal insulation on the market, high fire protection and great durability.
    Ideal for high-performance architectural facades in industrial, residential, commercial buildings and sports facilities.
    Great architectural finish with three options on the exterior face: flat, plank and micro-profiled.
    Available in various thicknesses of insulation and different coatings and colors of steel sheet.

    Reveal AWPAdvantages
    High thermal efficiency. Rigid insulating core with high thermal performance, reaching a thermal conductivity of only 0.019 W / mK (considering an aged core).
    High performance of mechanical resistance and suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
    Lightweight enclosure with vertical or horizontal mounting possibilities.
    Exterior face with structural steel sheet with flat, plank or micro-profiled finishes and different high-durability coating options.
    No water absorption, maintains its performance throughout its useful life, and it is not affected by biological agents.

    Applicable quality and standards
    See Technical Data Sheet

  • Technical specifications:
    • Insulating core: Rigid QuadCore foam, injected continuously, through a process that does not release HCFC-type gases
    • Useful width: 1,000 mm
    • Maximum production length: Standard 2,0 to 13,5 m / Special 13,5 to 18,0 m (between 13.5 and 18 m, special transport is necessary)
    • Nominal density: 40 (±5) kg/m3
    • Total thicknesses:   60 | 80 | 100 | 120 | 140 | 160  mm.

    Fire resistance:
    See Technical Data Sheet