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static aerator


Static aerators G-250 and G-500 are designed for air renewal inside industrial buildings.
Manufactured from high-quality steel sheet.
Option for manufacture in various coatings and colours, thus obtaining full integration into the enclosure.

Support structure consisting of hot-galvanised steel flat bars.
Available with die-stamped gutters to prevent air recirculation and improve its aesthetic finish.
The length of each module is determined by the TZ sheet or HI panel used on the roof, adding 200 mm of overlap:

  • TZ-30 Profile / Module lenght: 3,500 mm
  • TZ-32 Profile / Module lenght: 3,350 mm
  • TZ-40 Profile / Module lenght: 3,200 mm
  • HI-CT Panel / Module lenght: 3,650 mm
  • HI-XT Panel / Module lenght: 3,200 mm

Applicable quality & standards
CeUNE-EN 10327 standard for galvanised coatings.
UNE-EN 10169 standard for organic coatings.

doc Download "Static Aerator Technical specifications"