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    Product and applications
    UniqDeck® is a high performance deck flat roofing system jointly developed by Huurre and Sika, which unifies the assembly benefits of sandwich panel roofing, the innovative QuadCore® insulation technology and the high performance of Sika's Sarnafil® membrane.

    Ideal for flat roofs in industrial and commercial buildings.

    Huurre detail UniqDeckAdvantages
    High thermal efficiency: The insulating core of the HI-QuadCore® F panel has a high thermal performance, with a lambda thermal conductivity of only 0.019 W/mK (aged core), providing exceptional thermal insulation.
    High fire protection: The gray microcells of the QuadCore® insulation core provide high fire protection and are the optimal solution for fire prevention. The reaction-to-fire classification of the insulation board is B,s1-d0.
    Longer distance between supports: The high mechanical strength of the panels, depending on their thickness, allows to increase the distances between the support points, reducing costs in the structure. In addition, the number of fasteners in the assembly is reduced, reducing costs and assembly time.
    Quick assembly: The use of a sandwich panel for Deck roofs offers great economic savings in assembly and execution time: less layers, less fasteners, less unloading, less lifting and, therefore, more savings in the installation.
    Accessible roof (Walkability): The high rigidity and resistance of HI-F insulating panels to repetitive load stresses, such as operators' footsteps during maintenance, results in greater durability of the system, since deformations that usually cause breakage of the waterproofing or anchors are limited.
    Maximum safety: Possibility of installing a fully adhered waterproofing. The proven solution of the Sika Sarnafil® TG 76 membrane on the QuadCore® panel ensures maximum durability and water tightness due to the absence of perforations.
    Smooth finish: Improves the interior and exterior aesthetics of the building with a smooth finish, avoiding visual discontinuities, as well as trapezoidal or inverted panel corrugations. The exterior hardware is always hidden, guaranteeing the continuity of the interior sheet metal.

    Quality and applicable standards
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  • Technical characteristics:
    • HI-QuadCore® F panel:
      Insulating panel system with high thermal insulation and very good fire performance. Its high rigidity, mechanical performance and light weight facilitate handling and assembly on site.
    • Sika Sarnafil® T:
      Synthetic waterproofing membrane based on flexible polyolefins (FPO) reinforced with a polyester mesh and with a non-woven, multi-layer fiberglass fleece containing flame retardants and UV stabilizers. Membrane mechanically attached (Sarnafil® T/AT) or adhered without mechanical anchoring or perforations (Sarnafil® TG 76)./li>
    • Mechanical fasteners:
      HI-F panels are fastened to the roof substructure using self-drilling screws. After installation, the head of the screws is hidden inside the washer specially designed for UniqDeck®, preventing degradation and increasing the durability of the system.