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HI F chinoFasteners
The intermediate fixing of the panel can be solved by the "Chinese" and "Japanese" accessories. Both fixing solutions can be used to fix the ceiling and wall panel to the support structure using M10 threaded rods in Z275 galvanized steel.

Both products are specially designed to ensure the breakage of the thermal bridge.

The "Japanese" may be fixed using threaded rod or screw and washer.

HI F techoT Ceiling profile (omega) - aluminium
Aluminium ceiling profile lacquered in white, designed so that the panel suspension rod can move inside the section, simplifying the process of positioning and levelling the panels and guaranteeing easy, safe assembly.

HI F techo TT Ceiling profile - steel
Galvanised 1.5 mm thick steel ceiling profile, lacquered in white on its visible face, used to hand the HI-F panels from the structure. The suspension rods are attached by the T profile bores (to be made on site).


HI F sanitario
Sanitary profile

PVC sanitary section, which is provided in the join between the HI-F panel and the floor, to facilitate the cold room cleaning operations.


HI F angular

Corner finishing profiles, made of 0.6 mm thick steel plating with pre-lacquered white finish. The finishings are attached to the HI-F panels using bolts.


HI F sueloFloor U profile 
Floor rail sections, made of 0.6 mm thick steel plating with pre-lacquered white finish. The panels are attached to the floor section using bolts.


doc Download "Accessories for cold storage panels"